Artuity Creative Studio
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For inquiries please call or text, email will be a very slow response due to the administrative load. It's only myself, Antoinette, running all aspects of the business and focusing on teaching first. Thank you for understanding.


 Mondays 3:00-4:30 

Welcome! Currently offering the following classes:

Children and teens K- 12 ,drawing and painting classes

Adult Drawing and Painting Class

Free trial class, beginners welcome!

This business was started in 1989 by the first owner, Kris Sosa, then called Antelope Valley School Of Fine Art. In 1994 I was hired by Mrs. Sosa as an assistant. 2006, she retired and I took over the business, renaming it in 2016. We are still friends today. This is a small, local, privately owned and operated business. 

We have even been blessed by generational students !

Beginning to advanced, traditional subjects: watercolors, acrylic, oil painting, colored pencils and drawing.

Soft pastel has been temporarily removed from the

K-12 program but will return later on.

Acrylics are new to the program, still working out a long term system for them.

 Note: the entire curriculum is currently being observed for a summer redesign. 

Due to the transitions, a second free trial class is currently offered.  

Start anytime, stop anytime and long breaks are OK. 

What to expect:

Working both from reference and imagination. Building skills to draw and paint in three dimensions. Traditional subjects and themes. 

Reference can be from our large photo cache, step by step lessons, or brought in from home. Please no devices. 

Abstraction where preferred.

A fun and open, gentle atmosphere for children and adults.

Our many years of experience helping others learn and show successfully .

My pair of Standard Poodles may be present. 

What not to expect:

Any instruction referring to or leaning on TikTok or YouTube art tutorials or  

working from devices. Please choose from the large step drawing/photo cache, also we can look up and print out reference from the computer, or bring it in person. 


Additional services: 

Badge-earning workshops,

commissions, pet portraits, murals (by extension) and restoration/touch-up.

Restoration is case by case and usually at very reasonable cost.

Always happy to take a look free of charge.

Paint Brushes

Contact Us

For inquiries about art classes, get in touch today and call or text Antoinette De Paiva at 661.609.0337 Happy to answer questions. For administrative needs, the email address is: 

Inquiries sent to the email address will have a very slow response.