A.C.S. Core Program K-12:

Currently under review and not age specific. Contact Antoinette for updates and overview 661.609.0337

please do not email. 

Students will enjoy leaning to create beautiful artwork! Please note that as we work primarily with printed reference and from life, we prefer not to use reference from cell phones or other devices. We are happy to print the reference pictures from devices.

Thanks for understanding. 

Call/Text Antoinette with questions or to schedule the free trial class.   661.609.0337

5 to 7 years old
8 to 12 years old (by request)

8 to 9 years old Level 1
9 to 19 years old Level 2

11 to 12 years old Level 1
12 years +  Level 2  (by approval)

More Learning Options:
Customize your learning experience by asking what is available outside the core program or discussing any personal goals with us.