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A.C.S. Core Program K-12:

New Curricular System Beginning Monday August 7 2023

Students will enjoy leaning to create beautiful artwork! A free trial class is always offered. Prospective students may select which medium to pursue. Mediums are now separated into weekly classes to improve the learning experience.  Students are expected to be ready to accept and follow instruction. Students will work from pre-selected reference and add their own creativity to drawings and paintings as skills are developed and improved. For those who prefer a more self-guided experience it must be approved between parent and instructor. Additional class offerings are Digital/Anime/Characters and Preschool Art Class. Please view the schedule page for class days and times. Please note that as we work primarily with printed reference and from life, we prefer not to use reference from cell phones or other devices ( except the digital class ).  This new curriculum is still in development through February 2024.

Thanks for understanding.

Call/Text Antoinette with questions or to schedule a free trial class.   661.609.0337

Soft Pastel:
Great for learning to work in layers using texture.
Color mixing. Suggested for 5 and 6 year olds. Also anyone 7-adult interested in this medium or wanting to improve current skills.

Basic to advanced washes, color mixing and correct brush usage. Application and moving puddles of paint on paper. Details , blending and shading. Ages 6-adult

Oil Paint:
Working in layers, and using texture. Glazing. Working thick and thin. Correct use of and cleaning long handled easel brushes. Color mixing.
Best for ages 10-adult.

Drawing and Colored Pencil:
Learning to make rendering strokes, test pencil range, fill in tone. Value, shading and perspective. Sketching with pencil or charcoal. Ages 6+


Learning correct brush handling and care. Color mixing. Edge control, building layers with texture, glazing, and more. Ages 6-adult

Age 6-7 will paint on pre-drawn canvas. 

Digital Art/Anime/Characters:

Working with device and stylus.

Student will draw characters and learn human form. Student must bring their own stylus and device. Free software is provided. Ages 8+

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