Course Outline

All phases include an emphasis on representational drawing ( drawing what we see ).

The idea of our phased program is designed to gently move the student forward in the development of drawing and painting skills over time while simultaneously working from reference and imagination. Phases can last 1-2 years or longer depending on each student's age, preferences, goals, etc. Students are worked with individually an a small class setting of 5-12 students. Classes are 90 minutes long.

Phase 1

Painting with Soft Pastels

Soft pastels provide an excellent opportunity to learn basic painting techniques such as mixing and application of colors, strokes, layering, creating textures, shading, and so forth. Heavily pigmented and vibrant, this lovely, traditional medium is sure to delight friends and family.

Phase 2

Watercolor Painting

The beauty of painting with watercolors is explored beginning with lessons of mixing colors, water-to-paint ratios, brush applications, how to make washes, layering, lifting, blending, wet-into-wet, etc. Then the student is ready to work from reference, creating beautiful artwork sure to amaze.

Phase 3

Oil Painting

In the 3 phase program, students will move into oil painting with a strong foundation of drawing and painting, results will be immediately exciting as the student learns to work at the easel with long brushes and heavy bodied paint. Color mixing, value study, brush stroke techniques and applications, shading, layering, will all be explored in a traditional approach certain to impress.

More Learning Options

Drawing, advanced study and beyond

In addition to the phased program we can offer lessons in drawing, approaches to abstract painting, acrylic painting, content-based art work, portfolio preparation, subject-specific work such as portraits, human anatomy, and so forth. Contact Antoinette for more information and class times.