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Paint Brushes

Ground Rules

Classroom Behavior

What is Expected

Students are encouraged to explain any goals and ask questions. They should be ready to follow the instruction provided. 
Patience and attentiveness are both encouraged and appreciated. Disrespectful, distracting or manipulative attitudes and behavior towards the instructor or classmates will result in dismissal without refund. Thank you for understanding.

Attendance Policy

Keep in Mind

Tuition is due on the first class of each month, and weekly attendance is expected. 24 hour cancellation policy applies. Missed classes can be made up on different days and times.

Siblings: 2 or more can make up a significant portion of the class. Sibling no-shows are disruptive to our planning.

Special Needs

What parents should know

We do not have formal training in working with students who have special needs. We do have experience however, and will accept students on a case by case basis. Parents must inform us prior to the free trial class. The individual must exhibit good classroom behavior and be safe around other children and pets. Thank you for understanding.

School projects, shows and competitions

Important information

We encourage students to participate in local shows and competitions. Please plan for 5-7 class sessions to get the artwork completed and allow time for framing (when framing is necessary). We also selectively allow school projects/art-based homework to be completed in class, please allow as much advanced notice as possible. Last-minute projects may not be accepted due to the extra stress.

Missed classes

What to expect

Missed classes ( illness, travel, vacations, appointments, etc ) can be taken as a make up class, either before or after the missed class day/time. Credit is not given for missed classes nor is the month prorated. Make up classes must be taken within 30 days and scheduled as appointments. If the make up is missed without 24 hour prior notice, the class will not be rescheduled.

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