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Tuition Rates

Enrollment is open all year around. Missed classes can be made up before or after missed days. There are sibling, multi-class and multi-month discounts (some not available to charter schools).

Missed classes may be made up before or after the missed day but credit is not forwarded to the following month. 

A.C.S. Program K-12

1 class each week       $ 100.00 per month

2 classes each week     $150.00 per month

3 classes each week     $175.00 per month

4 classes each week     $190.00 per month

Adult Art Class               $ 80.00 per month

Teen/Adult Open Studio (unguided)   $5.00 per visit

Preschool Art Class  $50 per month,  sibling discount: $25.00 per month

The sibling discount for A.C.S. K-12 classes is the same one for multiple classes with siblings attending once per week. 

Methods of Payment:

Preferred: cash 

Accepted: check, card (3% fee for card transactions), PayPal online via the donate button on the web site. No phone apps currently.

Tuition includes some supplies, supply lists are available for items not covered in the tuition rates.

Tuition is due the first class of each month, with a late fee of $15.00 after the 10th. 

Special! Pay for 3 months in advance and receive 20% off the 4th month.

Call or text Antoinette with questions or to schedule a free trial class. 661.609.0337


Charter schools and how it works: parents submit the request for vendor service to the teacher or school and upon approval an email purchase order is sent to ACS. Then ACS sends an invoice to the school for payment at the end of each month and is reimbursed 30-45 days after invoice submission.  

Charter schools we vendor with:

Gorman Learning Center

iLead and its affiliates

Blue Ridge Academy 

If you don't see your charter school feel free to contact Antoinette and she will look into becoming a vendor.

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