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Benefits of art classes

Beyond the doodle

Art classes are a great way to develop life skills in a safe and creative environment.

Oil Painting Workshop

Motor Skill Development  and Focus

Wine & Painting Night

Confidence Building and Collaboration


Perseverance and Goal Achievement

The experience of drawing is an essential component in the development of strong motor skills, while working on projects from start to finish helps the student develop better focus and concentration skills.

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Students gain confidence as they achieve higher skill levels and begin to show their artwork at local art events, school competitions, and so forth. Students and instructors work collaboratively in decision making based on each individual project. Students also work in collaboration together, often assisting each-other in the creative process.

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Students learn to bring drawings and paintings to a reasonable conclusion, working through the challenges frustration that students of all areas of study eventually face. Rewards for effort come quickly as the student works toward and achieves the goals of better skills, more experience, and showing their work to the world via shows and competitions.

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